Pink Fairy Armadillo: Pencil to Paint mini-tutorial

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Did you know that the Pink Fairy Armadillo really exists? Although, I don’t think they have wands, tutus or tiaras like the one I’ve drawn today. A native of Argentina, they resemble a shrimp with a hairy underside. The smallest of the armadillos and perhaps the strangest.

Done for the prompt #Something Silly at Doodlewash.

With a name like ‘Pink Fairy’, I knew I had to do something odd with this drawing. I thought about doing an Alebrijes, but the bright colors did’nt seem right for this pale, anemic-colored creature. I decided to do a cartoon.

Rather than use a reference photo, I looked at several and came up with my own composition. I drew very lightly and had to punch up the darkness for it to show.

I looked at the shapes – the armored shell, the wave of the hair, the flat butt and pointy nose. If you ignore that ‘shrimp’ aspect of this guy, (s)he looks a lot like a walking triangle with HUUUUGE claws.

Since I was going with a cartoon, I only worried about texture and outline in the pen drawing. Cartoons tend to fairly flat, so I didn’t plan to have a wide range of values.

I really played with texture – the scribbly, pebbly texture of the armor, and wavy hair along with the gauzy look of the tutu.

For the color I used the 5-color set of Pastel Ecoline watercolor brush pens. Strangely, the colors in this set don’t spread with water. Possibly because the colors are light. At any rate, I just used the pens like markers without water or brush.

The colors are Pastel Blue, Pastel Violet, Pastel Rose, Pastel Green, and Cold Grey Light. For the wand, I used Gold Ochre from the Earth set of Ecoline Watercolor markers.


Where can you buy these wonderful toys?

Paper: Hahnemühle Rough Watercolor Postcards:

Zebra Zensations Technical Pens

Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pen, Set of 5 – Pastel


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