The Adventures of City Girl-An illustrated Story Day 6

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The Adventures of City Girl

3.5 x 5.5 Moleskine Japanese style album with concertina style paper.

  • Page 27: Next door, there was a shoe sale! High-heeled scuba fins! Banana boots! And City Girl’s favorite…. Tubular Track shoes!
  • Page 28: She bought one of each and then went shopping for clothes.

And then I ran out of pages in the accordion book! So the story of City Girl continues in LaLa land.  Somewhere, someplace City Girl shops on, lost among the celestial clothing racks of illustrated space.

This was a silly story, and I hope you enjoyed it.  We all need some silliness in our life now and then.


  1. Awesome tangle art and story! Love it💕..I love such open ended stories..may be you will write the story of the city girl (part-2)…. when she gets married (????) and moves to countryside and how she misses her city life initially and then she meets a mystical man/ woman (???)….Am I going to far?

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