Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone-Day 5

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Pages 25-27.
Text: But he did not find the bone. And still he traveled on. “Stop,” said his toes. “Rest!” screamed his pads. His tail …

Pages 28-30.
Text: …was too tired to wag. Then suddenly the Stupendous Starfish appeared, the Bountiless Bone behind him. “Bone,” said Cosmic Puppy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cosmic-puppy-31.jpg

Pages 31.
Text: And found himself back on the beach. (And so ends the story of Cosmic Puppy!)

I know – the last page, both story and art don’t quite match the rest. It was a gift for someone, and I had to give it to them before I was quite done. Such is life, but I’ve always regretted not having just a little more time with it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather silly illustrated story. On Saturday evening, we’ll start the Adventures of City Girl!

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