Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone-Day 1

Back in 2010, I filled a couple of Moleskine accordion albums with a tangle-illustrated story for friends. Hahnemühle just announced that they have released a Zig-zag album (which I’ll review in the future! *jumps for joy*) But the news made me think of this older artwork.

Recently, I’ve had trouble keeping up with all my artwork, and am getting behind in reviews and tutorials, so I decided that for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share that old artwork and try to get caught up a bit.

This will be done in serial form, with a couple of three-page spreads a day.

Cosmic Puppy and the Search for the Bountiless Bone.

3.5 x 5.5 Moleskine Japanese style album with concertina style paper.

The Illustrated Story of Cosmic Puppy’s search for the Bountiless Bone.

Pages 1-3.
Text: While playing at the beach, Cosmic Puppy had a vision of the Stupendous Starfish. “Come,” said the Starfish. “I will show the …

Pages 4-6.
Text: …path to the Bountiless Bone!”
“Bone?” said Cosmic Puppy.
“The Bountiless Bone, that will clean your teeth, and freshen …

To be continued tomorrow!


  1. saw your little friend on facebook, I’m pleased that its a story accordion book. Looking forward to your drawings an his adventure. Wish I could find something like this in Canada.
    Enjoy your day.

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