Stylized and Snowy Trees Fun & Easy Landscape Step-out

With the holidays coming up, I thought people might be working on last minute cards and drawings.  One of things you often see on such cards are trees laden with snow.  There are a lot of ways to draw or paint such cards, but I thought I share a quick and easy way that creates a distinct look.

Don’t sweat the shapes.  Play with making the tree shapes (you’ll understand what I mean by step 5) smaller so there is more snow, or making them larger so there is less.  Mix them up – as long as you have a triangular shape on top, you’ll get something that resembles a tree.

Remember- these are stylized.  They represent the object, like an icon, but don’t have to look all that real.

I apologize that parts of my step-out was drawn digitally.  I had to finish it while visiting family and discovered that I had left my drawing utensils behind.


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