Schmincke Horadam Limited Edition 2017 New 12 Half-Pan Watercolor set- A New Tin and WOW! What a Tin #Schmincke #Watercolor #WorldWatercolorGroup

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the Schmincke Horadam Limited Edition 12-color Palette 2017.  In that review, I noted that there were problems with the tin and promised to keep you updated on the resolution of the problems.

My replacement tin arrived from Schmincke, and I’m so pleased.  Not only did I get a tin that has stronger metal, closes properly, has good enamel, and has a ring that lies flat, it has a COOL lid.

From the moment you hold the tin, you can tell the difference.  It doesn’t have that wobbly metal pop-in-and-out feel.  It feels solid.  When you are painting the tin stays in place and doesn’t jiggle around.  And no chipped enamel.

If you ordered during first round of the Schmincke Horadam Limited Edition 2017 New 12 Half-Pan Watercolor set, and received a damaged tin, you should contact the store where you bought it or Schmincke, if you haven’t already.  Photos and an explanation of the damage will be helpful.  Having done this, you should receive a new tin, probably in December, when the second set will be shipping.

I’m very impressed with the response from both Schmincke, Chartpak, and Wet Paint where I ordered the set.  I truly think the bad tins were a one time issue, and I won’t hesitate to buy from them in the future.

If you haven’t ordered yet, and are interested, I recommend ordering soon, but look closely at the chart below and the paintings that I’ve done using the set.  The colors are 12 of the 35 new colors from Schmincke Horadam. They are not the usual colors that you find in most sets, but extra colors that you might find useful.  If you like darker or opaque, granulating colors, you’ll probably like them.  If you only want transparent colors, this might not be the set for you.

You can order the set from Wet Paint Artist Materials & Framing.

Personally, I love the colors.  I know others who did not. so consider your own tastes in making your decision (keep in mind, too, that I tend to avoid red for some reason, so the red from this set is not well represented in my paintings).

If you can find other reveiws (make sure they are for this set, not the earlier botanical set that shipped in July) check them out.  If you belong to the Doodlewash community (free to join) there is a big long discussion on this set.  Scroll about 2/3 of the way down to see what people have to say about their sets.

Now, in the interests of honesty, I’ll let you know that Schmincke also sent me a second tin of a different shape, the travel brush shown in one of the photos above, and replacement pans for two of the paints in my set that seemed to be hollowing out.

From Chartpak, I also got a phone call, an informational pamphlet, a dot sample card with all the new colors, and a Schmincke lens cloth, along with a letter.

This is what it said…

“Hi Sandra,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today regarding the custom half pan watercolor set.  I am confident we have resolved everything and we should be shipping these sets without any issues with the tins from this point forward.  Fortunately this appears to be a very small number of tins that did not meet the satisfaction of the artists, and we are happy to take care of those people.”

Even if I hadn’t received these things, I would still be impressed by the speed in which my case was handled and the quality of the replacement tin.  The difference between the two tins was amazing, and it wasn’t just the pretty picture on the lid.  From the moment I held the second tin in my hand, it was clearly superior.

I haven’t heard from anyone else who has received their replacement tin yet, and what I have heard rumored, is that most people will receive theirs when the next shipment goes out.

I’ve made both my original review and this update as honest as I can, and have tried to give you information that will help you make the best choice. My hope is that this limited edition will end up in the hands of the people who will love it the most. That’s the win-win scenerio for everyone.

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