Scribble Plant 3 Fantasy Landscape Step-out #FantasyLandscape #Step-out #DrawingTutorial

Last Sunday, I posted a step-wisely discussing how you can use the most basic of shapes to create all sorts of funky plants.  I apologize because I’m going to bombard you this week with some step-outs based on that premise, so I can use them in Sunday’s Step-wisely.  After that, I hope to be on a Sunday only posting for Fantasy Landscapes, unless someone asks for a specific step-out to be done.

I’m really fond of the scribble method, especially when using color.  This method is also known as squirkling, and who doesn’t love a name like that?

I’ve touched on this method for applying texture – you can use it in just about any shape – check out this example I did for a Sharpie review a few years ago, here.  I scribbled everything including the boy and his dog.

There is an unbelievable range of values that you can create so this is a very handy texture to use when you are trying to balance your values, so I decided I’d touch on it again as a step-out to create plants with wildly, bushy foliage.

When you scribble, you can be very tidy about it and keep your loops the same size and the rows even.  Or  you can just be a messy bessy and wander all over the place.  If you don’t like the look of what you have – scribble some more until you do.

Light scribbling, light in both the amount of pressure and the number of scribbled lines, can give a nice light value.  You can create dense, complex dark values by scribbling until almost all the area is covered with ink.

And last but not least, plants drawn using this method are so fun-KY!

For a full list of Fantasy Landscape Step-outs, Step-by-steps, Step-wiselys and guide rules go here.

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