Basic Bush/Tree/Shrub Fun & Easy Step-out

I should have given you this step-out at the very beginning.  This is a very simple shape, and one you can use almost anywhere. It’s probably a shape you’ve already used for drawing trees, but may have forgotten or decided not to use because it is so simple.  But …

  • It is very open.
  • It has a light value.
  • It’s great for filling with texture, color or tangles.
  • The round shape is a good balance for square or triangular shapes.
  • It’s a great filler, because it isn’t too busy.
  • It’s fantastic for those tiny bushes, and trees on the horizon.

On a related note, this is a good step-out for clarifying the terminology in my fantasy world.

I define a Bush as a plant that sits on the ground.

A Shrub is has foliage on the ground, and a stick (branches/trunks) through the middle, alternating with more foliage. The main difference between a bush and shrub is that shrubs only have sticks going right through the middle.

A Tree has a stick (trunk) at the bottom, and may have sticks (branchs) weaving through-out the tree. The main difference between a shrub and a tree, is that the stick in a shrub always goes right through the middle.

This is fairly arbitrary on my part, and mostly so we always know what we are talking about.  I often use the word ‘stick’ to mean a trunk or branches, because I think it is less scary for some people to think of drawing sticks than trying to draw trunks or branches.  And in a fantasy world they can be sticks!

On Sunday, I’ll have a step-wisely showing some of the textures in my Fantasy World and how you can use them.

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