Journal52 Prompt #1 – Strange Word: Protuberance #Journal52 #Gellyroll #Pentalic

Those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time may have already figured out that I’m a bit of a left-handed monkey wrench when it comes to humor.  You never know what will tickle my fancy.

There were two choices for first Journal52 prompt for 2016 – ‘One Little Word’ or ‘Strange Word’.  I love weird, obsolete or seldom used words so I immediately knew I’d go with Strange Word.

During the winter, as so many do, I tend to get a bit depressed from the lack of light, with insomnia and lethargy and lack of creativity.  I always work through it, but it took the joy out of art journaling in particular, in 2015, and I kept mostly to my watercolors.  So I thought for 2016, I’d choose to focus on the opposite of depression (even when I’m not).  I went looking for strange antonyms to the word depression.

I was thinking of the mental variety of depression — not the physical version meaning a dent in something.  However, I saw the word ‘Protuberance’, meaning something that sticks out.  Protrudes.

Now I think it’s a funny word.  When we think of things as a protuberance, we are usually thinking of them in a humorous light – elephant trunks, noses, other…ahem…body parts…ahem. So, I thought that would be a funny one little word for the year.  Not really meaning it.  And then I laughed.

Isn’t funny- laughing – sort of the opposite of depression?  So if I get depressed, and art journal about a protuberance, I suspect I’ll laugh every time.

So I decided that’s my word for the year…PROTUBERANCE.  The opposite of depression.


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