Review Day Three- Clearprint Vellum Field Book #Clearprint #Vellum #FountainPen

Welcome to Day Three of my review of the Clearprint Vellum field book.  The bulk of the review can be found on Day One.  Each day the rest of this week, I’m reviewing a page done in the same book using a different medium.

Fountain pens on Clearprint Vellum
Today I’m sharing a piece that I drew using fountain pens, a medium notorious for bleeding through the page, smearing and feathering.

Clearprint vellum is definitely a fountain pen friendly paper, which surprised the heck out of me.  Even the wet inks dried relatively quickly (fountain pen ink is usually slow to dry), so I had no problem with smearing, either on the page or onto my hand.
There was no feathering.
You can see on the back that there is quite a bit of show-through, although it isn’t as bad in real life as it is in the scan.  After I took this scan, I drew on the page.  You can see how it looks in yesterday’s review.
There was a small amount of bleed-through, where I really saturated the paper, adding more ink into ink that was still wet on the page. 

This photo below is the exact same view as the first scan of the front (not the scan immediately above this one) except that I held the page up to the light.  
I didn’t plan any of these pages to be layered because none of them would be viewed that way.  But sometime in the near future, I will do one that is planned.  Clearprint Vellum just calls out for it.

Tomorrow I’ll share a page done with watercolor and decoupage! I hope you’ll join me!

You can skip this part if you’ve already read it: Earlier this year, I participated in Clearprint’s Cross-Country project.  It is a fantastic deal.  You let them know you want to join up, and they send you TWO of their Vellum field books.  In one, you do a work of art, using whatever medium you desire, and within a week you send that book back to them.  The second book is yours to keep! Forever!

Additionally, your artwork is uploaded to the Cross-Country gallery, and featured on the Clearprint Facebook page.  I’ve been told the project will continue as long as there are pages left in the Cross-Country book, so you still have time to sign up!

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