Review Day Two- Clearprint Vellum Field Book #Clearprint #Vellum #Zentangle

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Day Two of my review of the Clearprint Vellum field book.  The bulk of the review can be found on Day One.  Each day the rest of this week, I’m reviewing a page done in the same book using a different medium.

Sketchplan pen on Clearprint Vellum
Today I’m sharing a piece that I did using a Sketchplan pen point-size .01.

For this drawing, I used a Sketchplan fabric-tipped pen .01 size.  It is similar to the Pigma Micron, but I had a little more effort getting my darks. As I explained yesterday, you don’t get a sharp black and white contrast with this paper because of its tranluscent quality.  You do get a fantastic range of values though.

There is no bleeding, feathering or skipping.  The one dark blob towards the upper left was caused by the pen, not the paper.

This drawing was done on the back of a drawing I did with fountain pen inks.  The scan picked up some of the lines and color, but to the eye you see none of it. The paper itself seems a bit more gray-toned than if the back was blank.

Since this is a translucent paper, if you hold it up to the light, you quite a bit more of the back.  Note–this in not the back of the page.  It is the exact same as drawing above.  The only difference is the lighting.  This show-through is NOT a problem if you are viewing the page as you normally would. You just have the option of using a layered effect to get a stained glass or lantern style effect by shining a light through the paper.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the other side of the page! I hope you’ll join me!

You can skip this part if you’ve already read it: Earlier this year, I participated in Clearprint’s Cross-Country project.  It is a fantastic deal.  You let them know you want to join up, and they send you TWO of their Vellum field books.  In one, you do a work of art, using whatever medium you desire, and within a week you send that book back to them.  The second book is yours to keep! Forever!

Additionally, your artwork is uploaded to the Cross-Country gallery, and featured on the Clearprint Facebook page.  I’ve been told the project will continue as long as there are pages left in the Cross-Country book, so you still have time to sign up!

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