Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-13 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor #Zentangle

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I’ll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I’ll be giving you a little information about each of the papers.

Schut Sketchpad Paper, medium fine grain, 180 gm2/83 lbs

PH Neutral, Acid-free, ISO 9706.

I was impressed with how well this sketchpaper held up as a watercolor paper, given its weight.

The outcome of my tests:

  • The Paper:
    • can be folded almost edge to edge without crease or cracking, and it retains little memory of the fold
    • seems heavier than 180 gm2/83 lbs
    • fairly stiff–warbles brightly when you flap the paper
    • has enough tooth to feel slightly gritty to the touch
  • Watercolor:
    • washes move well
    • pencil lines don’t soften into paint
    • color lifts well
    • hard lines form easily
    • no buckling
    • no curling
    • very slight dimpling along edges only
    • takes scraping well
  • Fountain Pen friendly–
    • no bleed-through 
    • no  feathering
    • no indentation from nib pressure.  
    • Show-through only if held up to light.

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