Journal52 Prompt Week 43: Stencil It!! #Journal52 #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling

This weeks prompt called for Stenciling!

Rubbing Alcohol & dropper
Distress Ink pads :Picked Raspberry, Salty Ocean, Mowed Lawn
TCW 6×6 Stencil-Mini Cell Theory
Dragonfly stencil (sorry.  Not sure who makes the one I have)
Dreamweaver Metallic Gold Embossing Paste
Daler-Rowney Graduate Metallic Green Acrylic Paint
Classic white Gellyroll pen
Pigma Sakura pen, black .05
Paint brush
Palette knife

Step 1: Drag the ink pad across part the page, leaving lots of white space.  Repeat with the other two color ink pads, blending colors in some areas, until the page is covered.

2. Suck up some of the rubbing alcohol into the dropper, and drip across page at random.  Let dry.

3. Drop some more alcohol into some of the drops from last steps, so that you get a wider variety of  colors.

4. Place the Mini-Cell Theory stencil on the page and tape down.

5.  Brush metallic green paint over entire stencil.  This is a very transparent paint so in some lights you barely see it, but in others the dots jump out at you.  Let the paint dry.
6. Tape down the dragonfly stencil where you want it on the page.
7.  Scoop embossing paste out of the jar with the palette knife and spread it evenly across the stencil.  I decided I didn’t want the lines or vine embellishment, and only covered the dragonfly section.
8. Carefully life the stencil straight up.  Remove any rough edges by lightly smoothing with the palette knife.
9.  Cut X’s into the dragonfly’s body if you want more texture.  Let dry.
10.  Write out your saying with the white Gellyroll pen.  Let dry for 1/2 hour or so and write over with pen again to darken.  Let dry overnight.
11. Outline words with Micron pen.  Do try to wait 1/2 a day or more or you might ruin your Micron.

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