White Elephant Bathing in a Bowl #Watercolor #Elephant #KhadiPaper

Yep.  This is more or less a waterdoodle of the negative kind.

I got these cool heart-shapes made of Khadi paper–which is a handmade paper from India, with an interesting texture.  In the past, I’ve used Shizen, which has a very rough texture.  The Khadi texture is also rough, but has a more even surface.  Normally, I wouldn’t buy heart-shaped paper, but the price was right and I thought I might make some interesting Christmas cards with them.

Wondering how the paper would do with watercolor, I decided to use up some left over paint and find out.  The paper’s excellent for a dry-brush, scumbling effect.  The darker streaks in the background are from me scratching into the wet paint with my fingernails and then painting over once dry.  The paint lifts well too.

The paper is a little more absorbant than I like, so you either have to keep applying layers or use a whole lot of pigment for darker values.  But that also gives you a chance to get very subtle layers of color, and build up.

All in all, I think I’ll be getting some of this paper in a non-heart shape–it’s cool (did I already mention that?).

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