Journal52 Prompt Week 31: Friendship ‪#‎Journal52‬, ‪#‎ArtJournaling‬, ‪#LifeImitatesDoodles

My definition of Friendship is: a relationship with someone so close that they are part of you.

When I saw the Journal52 prompt of Friendship, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  A bit weird perhaps, but I think it makes the point.

As usual, for those interested, I’ve written up my process below.  This was a fairly quick one.  It took me about 1/2 an hour including drying times.

No. 2 Pencil
Watercolor-Hansa Yellow Lt; Quinacridone Rose; Phthalo Blue
Pentel Color Brush-Black Ink
Inkssentials White Gel Ink Pen

I used the wet in wet method for this piece, which means I wet the areas to be painted thoroughly first, until it shines all over.  When the shine is starting to fade, I add the paint and let it flow onto the page.  Unless I shake the paper, the paint will stay in the wet areas.

I also used the method of charging, which is blending colors by adding wet paint into wet paint.

1. I lightly drew the two profiles on the page with the pencil (so lightly that I couldn’t get them to scan).
2. Going from light to dark, as is wise with watercolor, I painted the left profile with the Hansa Yellow Lt.  I left the page to dry.

You can tell if your paint is completely dry by touching it with your fingernails.  You can touch with your fingertips, but then you leave oils on the paper.  If the paper feels cool, it is still wet.  It doesn’t need to feel warm, just not cold.

I let the paper dry because I wanted to mix paint where the profiles overlap, but only where they overlap.

3.  I carefully re-wet the yellow where the profiles overlapped, and then wet the unpainted areas (except the area under the chins).  I added a very thin wash of yellow to the overlapping area. then started dropping in some Quinacridone Rose at various points and let it flow. I used the brush to guide the paint around rather than tilting the page and letting it drip, because I wanted a more even flow, but I was careful to keep the blending of color where the two profiles overlapped, and not let it go into the other areas.

4. After dipping my brush in clean water, I used the side of the brush and brushed short strokes along the edge of the yellow profile, using the side of the brush, and lifting away some of the rose to add a little more emphasis.

5.  I painted the area beneath the chins with the Phthalo Blue.  After dipping my brush into the water I barely touched it into the blue, and dropped it into the still partially wet yellow and rose paint to create the eyes.
6.  I used a Pentel Color Brush pen to outline both profiles, the eyes and to add a little detail to the faces.
7.  To finish up, I used a white gel pen to lighten the eyeballs and add subtle highlights along the nose, cheeks and lips.


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