Journal52 Prompt Week 29: Fashion ‪#‎Journal52‬, ‪#‎ArtJournaling‬, ‪#LifeImitatesDoodles

At first, I thought this week’s work would be difficult.  I am not into fashion.  My idea of fashion is that an item of clothing is comfortable, covers all the important bits, and I won’t cry if I get paint or other artsy stains on it.  And it shouldn’t cost much–my money is for food and art supplies, after all.

But then I decided that fashion shouldn’t only be for people!  I picked up one of my mother’s Blair catalogs and found a blouse that had a pretty pattern and fit on the page.  For those who are interested, I’ve written up my process below.

After cutting my fashionable blouse from the catalog, I glued it down with Decoupage medium.  Once that dried I looked up some photos of foxes for reference, and lightly drew my lady fox.
Then I took a Pigma Micron pen and drew my fox.
Kuretake makes these sets of dual-tipped markers called Brushables.  All the colors are coordinated, and each marker has a lighter and darker version of the same color.  I used Butter and True Orange to color my fox.
It seemed to me that a fashionable fox would probably be wearing glitter and sparkles.  I used Daler & Rowney’s Graduate Pearl White Acrylic paint for the fur.  Then I used a light blue Wink of Stella glitter marker to add some shadows (although I have the black Wink of Stella marker showing in the photo), and I used a red Wink of Stella brush tip marker for the nails.  I used the black marker to add the necklace & belt.

Although the tips were a bit large to get in the small spaced between the foxes sleeves and around the tail, I used Montana Marker in Shock Yellow & Shock Orange for the background. ‘Cause they cover the area fast, and I was done!


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