Journal52 Prompt Week 27: Nostalgia #Journal52, #ArtJournaling, #RobertBurridge

So, I’m still busy with several projects that have an end of month deadline.  Not wanting to put much exploration or energy into this page, because I need both for my other projects.  I hesitated to go with negative painting because I’ve been doing that so much lately.

But, then, I was passing by the pears in the grocery store, and I suddenly thought–why not work with a nostalgia based specifically around negative painting!

Years ago, I saw this video of Robert Burridge painting pears.  This was before I had ever heard of negative (aka reductive) painting, and his 1 minute video wowed me.  It comes to mind every time I see pears, and I still think ‘wow’ whenever I watch it.  It makes me feel nostalgic to think about it, because that one minute had a great impact on my work going forward.

Because the technique is so simple, but so effective.  Literally, you can do a painting like this in minutes.

I’m not even going to write up my process, because if you watch the video, you’ll see it.  I will tell that I used Raw Sienna, Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Magenta and Manganese Blue Hue acrylic paints for my background, squirting the paint directly on the paper and then using a paper towel to spread them out.  I used Titanium Buff to carve out my pears.


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