Once in a Blue Moon… #watercolor #ATC

With this ATC-size painting,  I had a little extra paint to use up and I was playing with wet-in-wet and admiring how smoothly the color flows off the new brushes I  recently bought.  Cheap Joe’s had 40% off on their Legend series Kolinsky Sable brushes–how could I resist?  I just wish I could have afforded to buy a complete set.  I settled for one round (size 6) and one flat (1/2 inch).  Just those two ran $40 at 40% off!  Not cheap, but I’ve been saving my pennies for a while just for such an occasion.

But let me tell you–the brush does matter.  It’s much easier to control your backruns, and your brush keeps it’s point.  You can paint much longer without picking up more paint or water.

I suspect the Legend series isn’t top of the line.  But they are leaps and bounds over the synthetics I have.  Now I just need to get one or two of the better synthetics so I can compare.  Maybe a Da Vinci or Escoda.  Maybe for Christmas, lol!  Maybe.

At any rate, I wasn’t trying to paint anything–just dropping color into color and making shapes.  Afterward, the shapes made me think of an alien landscape.  Maybe a Martian Vacation Spot?  I used a Pigma Micron to add a few patterns and heighten the tiki look.

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