Reflections on Filberts–Watercolor brushes that is. #Watercolor

I got this nifty new brush.  Unfortunately, it’s a cheapie from Artist’s Loft, under $3.00.  I did this one painting below (card sized) and already the bristles are starting to splay.

It is just labeled as a filbert, worse luck, because I’d like to find a better version, possibly in a larger size.  I like the effects you can get with it while painting foliage and grass. (Edited to note that I’ve learned these are called ‘Wisp’ brushes.  They come in both Filberts and Fan style)

This was a very quick painting, mostly an excuse to try out the brush, plus I needed a birthday card.


  1. I've tried that brand and the same thing happened, I got mine at Michaels, I put the one brush I used back in the pack and returned it to the store,it may be cheap, but not cheap enough to keep . I hate to paint and end up with parts of the brush mixed in my painting. that is one cool brush, maybe by a good quality brush and shape it this way yourself, in case you can't find it

  2. Normally, I wouldn't buy Artists Loft, because I know they aren't very good. I don't regret this purchase, but I'll definitely keep looking for one that's made better!

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