Putting the Ritz on the Cashew Jar with Decopatch #Decopatch #Exaclair #Decoupage

The Giveaway is closed! But please continue reading for today’s how-to!

I’ve been using this jar for pens, forever.  Besides the fact it’s rather ugly, I keep wanting to eat Toasted Coconuts Cashews! Something had to be done!  This review and giveaway of Decopatch paper and glue was the perfect time to do it.

This is a pretty standard project for decopauging.  I could have got fancier, as with my journal page and made a landscape, but this jar had lots of nooks and crannies and I decided to keep things simple.  I tore about 3/4 of sheet into large strips to start with.  This way, I could glue a few large strips down, and then tear the pieces into the sizes I needed to fill in.

I wanted some kind of flow around the jar.  I had more green than any other color, so I decided to aim for some kind of diagonal flow with green for each side of the jar.  With this in mind I glued the dark reds down.  I liked the flowers on the dark red pieces, so I kept one large piece to use as a focal point on this side.

I felt the sweep of the lacy streak made a nice counter point to the sort of green bow-tie on this side.

These next two sides were trickier because of the indentations.  They were also a good test of the ‘wrinkle-free’-ness of the Decopatch paper.  I had to re-adjust a few times to wrap around the corners, but it all came out nice and smooth.

I was getting pretty low on the green and didn’t want to tear anymore, so I used the black to create my flow on this side.

I wanted a real color contrast for the top and bottom, so I finished up with strips of washi tape.

My pen jar looks so much more elegant now, but I still kinda want some Toasted Coconut Cashews!

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