A Path through the Woods with Decopatch #Decopatch #Exaclair #UmWowStudios

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Today, I’m showing you how I turned a Tunnel Tag Book into a path through the woods.

I started with a chipboard Tunnel Tag Book, chipboard Owl, Decopatch paper-Item C412 and a bottle of Paperpatch® Glue-Item PP70, 4 1/2 sized popsicle sticks, a silver foil pen, a black Sharpie, a black Wink of Stella glitter marker, and an LED ring.

The Tunnel Tag book consists of 4 chipboard pieces with increasing smaller cut out centers, and a backing piece.  They come with a metal ring, but I put that aside to use with another project, because I wanted mine to stand up.

Making do with what I have, I used a cheap ($1.00) ring that lights up when you twist the head of the ring.  

I tore about 1/2 sheet of the Decopatch paper into varying sizes of strips, and glued them onto the chipboard (I hadn’t decided not to use the metal ring at this point).  While I didn’t worry too much about it, one color dominated each of the boards.

I glued a strip of the paper over the back of the last opening to hide the ring and make the glow of the LED light less harsh.  I also decided I wanted a little more definition between the boards, so I used the black Sharpie on the inside edges of the boards, and a silver foil pen along the inside borders.

Then I wrapped one of the popsicle sticks with the Decopatch paper.

I glued it on top of the tags, leaving space between each one.  I made sure that I enough space for the LED ring between the last two tags.  I glued three more popsicle sticks to the bottom of the tags to stabilize them.  The ring has an open space on the bottom that allows me to slide it right over the popsicle stick and then adjust it so it won’t fall off.

I colored the chipboard owl with the black Wink of Stella glitter marker and then picked out some detail with a black Sharpie (it shows up better on the finished photos above).

And that was it.  The Decopatch paper gives the feel of a wooded cove, and glow looks like the moon behind the trees.

I simply twist the ring head if I want the glow to show.  I’ve found that sometimes I don’t even have to do that.  I just set my tagbook close to a lamp and the light shines through!

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