Why I like Daler-Rowney Graduate Metallic Acrylic paints #Daler-Rowney #Acrylics

I’ve grown very fond of my Daler-Rowney Graduate Metallic paints.  I thought about writing a full-blown review, but ,really, the reasons I like them are so simple that I think just listing them will impress you more.

Craft Warehouse sells them for $1.96 for a 75 ml tube.  They run $3-$4 most other places I’ve seen them. Cheap in price, but not in quality.  They paint is creamy, and easy to spread with brush or palette knife.

Even though they are cheap, student-grade paints, and highly transparent, the pigment is strong.

Did I mention that the colors are transparent? To the point where the pearl white is almost invisible.  You can get holographic effects by applying the lighter colors over darker paints.

Usually shiny or shimmery media doesn’t scan or photo well.  These Graduate acrylics scan and photo beautifully, even when paired with other reflective media such as Gellyroll pens.

They come in Metallic Red, Metallic Pink, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Brown, and (not shown) Metallic Black Pearl and Metallic White Pearl.  They also have non-metallic colors.  I haven’t played with those yet–I’m making myself use up the paints I have before I buy more.  But I will be buying them sooner or later.

Nothing is perfect is it?  The one thing I don’t like about these paints is that the tubes are big and fat.  Once you’ve used some of it up, you get a vacuum-effect going, and it’s hard to control the amount of paint you get when you squeeze it out.  I’ve even considered emptying the paint into jars because I’ve squirted so much out unexpectedly.  As it is, I make sure I have extra scrap paper or other projects handy, so I can use up the paint I didn’t intend to squirt out.

That’s it, but I think that’s enough, don’t you?

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