Journal52: Week 21 Prompt-Mandala

I know.  My mandala doesn’t look very impressive.  But.  It’s holographic!  Twist it in the light just right and a whole different mandala appears!  My great-nieces (5 & 7) were SO impressed!

I’m not big on mandalas.  I love seeing what others do, but have never had much interest in drawing them myself.  So for this prompt I grabbed the Quasi-stencils I won from Artist Cellar a while ago, and used one for the dotted background, and two for the blue mandala.

How did I get the holograph?  I used Daler-Rowney’s Graduate Metallic acrylic in pearl-white with my last stencil.  All their metallics are very transparent, and the pearl white is almost invisible.  Until you hold it so the light can catch the sheen.  It’s a cheap thrill, but it’s fun, lol!


  1. Thank you! I think it's good to keep a sense of childhood wonder. If you get to the point where this kind of surprise doesn't make you smile, you've lost something.

  2. Interference colors can give you a similar effect, though they are even more transparent. If I were working on something that I wanted to sell or be sure was archival, I'd use Golden's interference color. I don't know how archival these Graduate colors are, but they have a surprising strong pigment for the price.

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