Watercolor for the Fun of It: Getting Started by John Lovett #Strathmore #watercolor #JohnLovett

Besides the class in watercolor that I am currently taking, I’ve been going through my watercolor books and going through some of the exercises.

This exercise came from a book by John Lovett, ‘Watercolor for the Fun of It: Getting Started‘.   I love the examples in the book.  Unfortunately, it has some printing errors.  There is one section of the book where several paragraphs start in the middle or end of a sentence.  Most of the lost wordage is exposition, extra explanation, and I’ve had no trouble telling what is going on.  I love John’s style and the examples and exercises in the book, so even though I had checked the book out of the library and was aware of the problem, I bought the book anyway.

I don’t have all the colors that John uses and substituted in some places.  I added extra fish and did some thing with the water that weren’t in the exercise.  Normally, I wouldn’t sign something I painted from an exercise without putting the author’s name below, but in this case, I think I changed things enough.  I still credit John every time I show it to someone.


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