Told ya. Scribbler Too’s too addictive #ScribblerToo #LifeImitatesDoodles

Despite my fierce struggle to stay away from Scribbler Too (okay, I didn’t really struggle that hard, lol) I kept playing with it.

I started with a Highland Cow.  Or maybe it’s a Yak. Or a Yak hybrid…

Taken by the primitive look, I decided to do a cave horse…

Then I decided to try my hand at something with straight lines.  Ouch!  Well, it has its charms.

This one’s a little better.

Then I started this clown, but for some reason the program stopped producing lines.  Maybe it got too large or complex.
Last, but not least, I decided to play around with the color features.  Interesting, but I think you lose some of what makes these drawings so charming.


  1. I could not get the color features to work for me. Is there a fee for that? Have your tried using a photo underneath to scribble over the top? It can get addicting.Your horse is wonderful.

  2. I love that tool too. You really mastered that tool quite well. I like the one with all the “straight” buildings. Just like the city buildings. OMG am I strange for liking that one? : )

  3. No fees. I'm not sure why your colors won't work. Are you on a tablet? I've tried saving a work in progress and reloading it, but it wouldn't let me do anything. The program does have some flaws, but I still love it!

  4. Not at all! I thank you. That was the most difficult one to do. Long, straight lines are nearly impossible with the mouse, so I had to draw short lines and try to match them up.

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