Scribbler Too…too addictive

There is this marvelous online drawing program called Scribbler Too.

The credits:
ScribblerToo written by Mario Klingemann
Based on the original idea by Ze Frank
Minimal Comps by Keith Peters

I created several works using the program a year or two ago, and then realized how addictive it was and quit using it.  Recently, one of my friends started using it, and I decided to indulge myself by doing some new pieces that I can use in my art journals.

It’s fun, it’s funky and it’s FREE!

My latest works:



Jumping Rope (she looks a bit Edward Gorey, doesn’t she?)


  1. i'm like you….i got addicted about a year ago….i did a few today and realized “what a great jumping off tool”…it makes me see in a whole different way….thanks for reminding me of this amazing tool

  2. Whew! This is fun. I could do this for days. How the heck do you find these fun things? I found you through the Zentangle group. I'm loving this bunch of inspired artists. Thanks for your input!

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