Journal52: Prompt 02 – A Simple Place

I’ve joined a free year-long journal prompt group, Journal52, run by Chelle Stein.  My goal is to keep it quick and easy, no planning, no fretting, no criticizing, just exploration and fun.

This week I also decided that I’m going to use collaged pieces from the same songbook as a sort of unifying thread for each page.  That is kind of planning, but it goes toward keeping the pages quick and easy.  I’m also using the same alphabet stamp set to stamp the prompt.

Prompt 02 was ‘A Simple Place’.

And I really managed to keep it this week!

Immediately, I had a vision of a white house on a hill and an idea for a mixed media background.  With a make-up sponge, I daubed acrylic paint in titanium buff, cantaloupe, and burnt umber, applying it thickly in some places and less so in others.

I cut out the house shape from the songbook, and used Zinc White (it’s more transparent), Transparent Red Oxide and Payne’s Gray for the house.  I used an olive green for the hillside and foliage.  There was a patch of burnt umber on the right that vaguely suggested a barn. I used a mix of Transparent Red Oxide and Payne’s Gray to give it a little more shape and declared it done.

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