Time And Relative Dimension In Space with Frog Dog Studio (aka T.A.R.D.I.S)

Oh, I’m a Doctor Who fan, don’t ya know.  So, I was really excited when I was asked to do a guest post for Frog Dog Studio, and discovered a wooden mini-album in my kit.  It was shaped…just like a old-time English phone booth!
Check out today’s Frog Dog Studio blog to see how I decorated my very own T.A.R.D.I.S!


  1. hi Sandra, you have created a marvellous piece of art. The Doctor would like it and hide it in the Library to keep it safe through all times.

  2. I started a fanfiction story once where Ten meets Spike from Buffy after the series 4 finale, the one where the Daleks stole earth. A Gallifreyan flying shark monster that was held in stasis on the Tardis has escaped and is hunting the Doctor, so he has Spike start the process that would turn him into a vampire (a vampire Doctor, hoo!). This changes him enough so he can return to the Tardis to get necessary weapons. Unfortunately, it changes him enough that the Tardis doesn't recognize him anymore, and he can't get in. Fortunately, it does recognize Spike because he has so much of the Doctor's blood in him. The Doctor, in the process of changing, is insanely jealous and… Un-oh–the Engorge, the shark thingy, recognizes him too. The two capture the shark (which is only doing what Gallifreyan sharks do, after all), the Doctor takes a concoction to stop his vampire change and he tells Spike that vampirism is curable, even for one as old as Spike. He offers to take him to a planet where he can be cured, but Spike wants to try one last time to work things out with Buffy. The Doctor confesses it's probably for the best, because he's still just a lit-tle bit angry over Spike and the Tardis and the two part ways. It would have been great. Not sure why I didn't ever actually finish it.

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