Review of the ePure Trolley Bag

I am the luckiest person in the world when it comes to art and craft giveaways.  Recently, I won an ePure Trolley Bag from a giveaway (now closed) on Rhodia Drive, and waited eagerly for its arrival.  I had high expectations and I..was…not…disappointed!

It looks gray in the photo, but it is actually a black felt with black leather accents.

It has a handle that extends for pulling the bag on its wheels.  When not using it, the handle can be shortened to fit in a little zippered pocket.

The bag opens wide like a hippos mouth, jaws gaping to grab all your journals and paraphenalia! No teeth–just two sections in a beautiful orange nylon fabric.  This section is wide and roomy, with a zippered pocket on one side, and on the other side a pocket that is secured by a flap.  There are also two smaller mesh pockets.

The second inside section has two more zippered pockets.  One zips lengthwise and opens where the handle is stored.  You could carry more there if you aren’t going to use the handle.  
There are two buckles for securing laptops or other items that might need to be stabalized.

The outside section has two zippered pockets, one mesh, and both about half the size of the entire section.
There is one expandable pocket, two pen holders and three slots for cards (which I’ve filled with pens, lol), plus enough width for expansion or carrying something in the open area.
The stitching is even and snug, the zippers slide as though greased, and the handle extends and closes with ease, once the button is pushed, while remaining locked sturdily in place until then.  I put my considerable weight on the handle and it didn’t budge.  I also tried extending and closing it several times rapidly and it worked perfectly until I quit working!
The orange stitching on black is distinctive, and will make this an easy bag to spot on a roundabout in the airport.  The zippers are all marked with the Rhodia emblem as is a small embellishment on the bottom corner of the back.
At 17 x 13 x 7 inches (43 x 33 x 18 cm) the ePure Trolley bag is small enough to be a carry-on bag (for some airlines anyway) and large enough to carry your most important belongings. It’s expandable enough, though, that I think you could stuff it so that it is too wide for carry-on.
For it’s size and sturdiness, it is relatively light, which is good.  I know I’ll be filling it up with so much, that I’ll really be glad for those wheels and handle!
The ePure Trolley bag is not currently available in the U.S., which is sad.  I’m so happy that I was fortunate enough to win one.  Thank you, Exaclair!
Disclosure:  I won this bag in a giveaway and no one from Exaclair or any associated company asked me to write this review.  I wrote it because I’m impressed with the bag, and I wanted to share it with you.

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