Today’s Mail-Review of the Leuchtturm Pocket Hard Cover Ruled Notebook

Have I mentioned that I’ve been having incredibly good luck winning things this month?

The second prize I received in the mail was a Leuchtturm Pocket Hard Cover Ruled Notebook from European Paper.

I’m still working on Christmas presents so I’m going to do an overview of the notebook I received and I’ll do another review later when I’ve had the chance to write and draw in it.


Hard Cover
3.5 x 6 pocketbook size (90x150mm)
185 Numbered Pages
80 gsm Acid-Free Paper
     Paper Color White
     Page Style Ruled
     Elastic Eco Cred Acid-Free (pH Neutral)
     Page Corners Rounded
Matching Elastic Closure & Placeholder
Thread-Bound (Sewn) Binding
Color-coordinated cloth Ribbon
Table of Contents Page
8 Perforated Pages for Quick Notes
Rear Expandable Pocket
Labeling Stickers
Comes in 9 colors.  I received Purple.

The Leuchtturm Pocket Notebook has sturdy hardcover with a strong sewn binding..

The pages don’t lie completely flat. The pages will slowly close if you don’t hold them down.  But the binding is so you could write it in one-handed by folding it backwards, if needed.  That said, it’s a book that will be more comfortable to write in, if it’s laying on a stable surface where you can keep the pages  down.

The paper color is white, but it’s a muted color that doesn’t hurt the eyes.  The lines are very light–gray, I think–just enough to guide and then disappear from view.

Each page has a place for the date.  The word date is in the same light ink, so it won’t stand out if you decide not to use it.

The Extras are fairly standard–color-coordinated ribbon, back pocket, and the first page has a place for your name and address. There is also a Table of Contents page, which could come in handy if you want to reference notes later.  Also included is a sticker that you can use to label the spine.

The overall weight is good.  Not the lightest but neither is it the heaviest pocket I’ve had. Given the flexibility and strength of the binding and the reference capabilities, this would be a good journal for school or business meetings.

The paper is smooth but has a slightly gritty feel to the touch.  I’ve come to associate that with a certain kind of quality and I’m looking forward to trying it out!

The second part of this review will be coming soon!

I want to thank the European Paper company for a fantastic giveaway and for the chance to try out this wonderful notebook!


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