Daily December Critturs Day #16

Yes.  I admit it.  Daily December Crittur #16 looks a lot like a puppy wearing a poodle coat.  Hey, I just draw these guys.  I don’t design them (Well, okay, I do. I was getting tired).

#17 is a pretty skippy kind a fella. He skips and yips! Skip-yip, Skip-yip!

Please see Daily December Day #1 for details on how I created this journal.

These critturs were numbered using the Daily December Plate1430! from Viva Las VegaStamps!  The basic idea for the journal came from an exercise in Carla Sonheim’s ‘Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals’.

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  1. hi I love your critturs very much. My first thought with this one was: “hé a chrismas poodle” instead of a cristmas doodle. It was the hat that did this.

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