Art done to Joe Rotella Chipboard albums

Whew!  What a summer!  Waaay back at the beginning of August I won a package of Joe Rotella’s Want2Scrap chipboard line from the fantastic Shirley Wheeler.  I received:

Three chipboard albums
Leaf Album 

What’s Cooking?
Ocean Album

Three Chipboard Embellishment packs

Card Size Retro Christmas Ornaments
Pulley and Hardware
Retro Birds

My prize has been sitting in a bag next to my chair, while I cast longing eyes upon it, but I had to wait until while I kept up with other commitments.

Finally, my friend Robin and I had a crafting day.  I gave her one of the albums to do and I did another.

I did the Leaf Album.  I apologize for the poor photography.  These pieces were too large for the scanner, and the shiny paint I used made it difficult to get a good photo.

I had this nice cobwebby stuff from the Dollar Store that made me think of moss hanging from trees.  I thought it went well with the album.  For the first leaf, front and back, I decoupaged pieces from old magazine pages onto the chipboard, and then glazed it with acrylic paint.  I went to town with some Zentangle®-Inspired Artwork and finished up by gluing on chipboard bird and egg embellishments onto the front side.
For these next two leaves and acorn I used a Gelli Plates, a square that looks and feels like a slab of over-hardened jello.  You smear it with paint, lay down a stencil or stamp images, then press your paper, or in this case, chipboard into the paint.  Then you repeat with other colors and stencils/stamps until you have the textured look you want.
I used stickers and stencils and stamped images both before and after the Gelli Plates and finished up with Zentangle-Inspired art.

I departed from the Gelli Plates for the back, using a brush to apply acrylic paint, and then using a piece of corrugated card as a stamp.  For the front, I glued bits of punchella to simulate a nest, then painted up and added chipboard bird & egg embellishments.  On the back I glued on some text sentiments.

What fun!
Robin allowed me to photograh her album as well and gave me a quick rundown of her processes.  She did a fabulous job!  I was able to get better photos too (though for some reason I can’t post them larger).  She did the What’s Cooking? mixed media album.

I’m not positive which process goes with which page (she got much more creative than I did!) so I’ll just list them: Stamping,  Markers/Pen, Ink,Collage, Sewing, Walnut Ink Spatter, Found objects, ATC sketches, Used Plastic Pieces as Templates, Gelli Plate Prints, Wallpaper, Beads, Decoupage with PVA=Glue .

I still have the Ocean Album to do, but that will be another post!

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9 thoughts on “Art done to Joe Rotella Chipboard albums

  1. Sandra, I love the leaf chip board pieces you did. First what an awesome idea to zentangle chip board and you did that first one with all kinds of fun stuff and really have a mixed media piece. Awesome.
    I love the blue one, the last one and the one before also. Is that fabric you added?
    All of these are beautiful, awesome and some really cool mixed media art, ZIA's and I just really love all you did here.

  2. Thank you! Are you asking about the long cobwebby thing being fabric? It's sort of a string shroud from Dollar Tree meant to be used for Halloween decoration. It made me think of the stuff that hangs from old trees, so I thought it would work for this album.

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