Another walk down Doodle Memory Lane

I know I’ve mentioned before that when in the late ’60’s or early ’70’s I had a wonderful calendar that was put out by a toothpaste company (Crest, if memory serves me right–I was sooo young, and it was sooo long ago, lol!)

That calendar with it’s faceless little people scurrying about each month inspired and guided my artwork for years!  But for the life of me, I can’t remember the artist’s name.  If anyone else remembers this calendar and knows–please let me know!

While cleaning up my mother’s house for the estate sale, I came across a few of the drawings I did that were inspired by the style in the calendar.  I have to laugh–none of these are very good, but you can see my style developing.

Forgive the poor scans–the ink was a bit faded, and I think my scanner is slowly dying. *sigh*


  1. i think these are very cool. they have great movement and the little people are wildly funny. i especially like the one with the winged creatures at war. but they are all smiling so they don't seem to mind getting shot. and the guys in the yellow one at the bottom seem to be carrying a huge sandwich roll. maybe they are going to join the ants in that old cartoon and make a sandwich, hold the onions. thanks for sharing these. i really like them bunches.

  2. I love these. You have no idea how much I totally envy your talent and your imagination. Please don't ever stop.

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