Review of The Daycraft Executive Diary

Today, I’m going to review the Daycraft Executive Diary 2013.  I have also written reviews of the Animaland Diary and the Expresso Notebook on other days of this week.  

Before I move on, since most of my readers are American, I want to point out that the Executive Diary is a daily planner.  The weekly lay-out is European, starting on Monday rather than Sunday.  I know for some the word ‘diary’ is associated with a book where you keep all your secrets and thoughts but the Executive Diary 2013 is all business.

Between color, size and language variations, the Executive comes in 42 styles!  I received the A5 size in Green.  (8.3 x 5.8 in/ 151 x  215 mm ).

No. Pages: 408
Page color: Cream w/gray & green print & green inkjet printing on edges (I believe the print color changes in other styles to match the cover color)
Paper weight: 70 gsm/47.292 lbs.
Cover: Italian PU (leather-like)
Extras: Elastic cord and grommet
Back pocket 
Full year Calendar 2013/2014
5 pages of International Holidays
6 pages of International Guides–emergency numbers, airports, websites, etc.
2 pages World Time Zones
2 pages IDD codes
1 page International Government Internet websites
1 page Wine Vintage Ratings
3 pages international Conversion Tables–Fluids to clothing sizes
1 page Table of Food Calories
4 pages Nutritional Health
2 pages Golf courses
1 page Gift Ideas
3 pages for entering Special Dates
6 pages 2013 year planner
6 pages 2014 year planner
6 pages for Notes
6 pages for Main Contacts
1 page Personal Memoranda

Truly a roundup of information that would be helpful to anyone, and invaluable to someone who travels or deals internationally on a regular basis.

Look & Feel
The Executive Diary 2013 would fit in anywhere.  It isn’t flashy, but speaks of quiet elegance. Whether you step into the stuffiest of boardrooms or the trendiest of coffeehouses, it is likely to garner a nod, and a ‘niiice’.

 The cover is a dark green textured Italian PU that resists fingerprints.  The only embellishment is the word ‘Daycraft’ embossed on the bottom of the back cover.
The pages are very thin and smooth, but not slick.  The paper is thicker than the onionskin pages I’ve found in bibles, but it is very similar.  The book makes the slightest of creaking sounds when you open it.  I like that–it brings back memories of pouring through the bibles and dictionaries I had as a child.  Some people might find it annoying.

The binding has sewn signatures glued to the cover. There is a little spring to the pages, but folding the cover back a little way makes them lie flat.  It is not necessary to fold the book all the way back, just a little.  

The daily planning pages start with December 2012 and end with the first week of January 2014.

At the first of each month, the diary has a blank page with a quote, a month-at-a-glance, and lines for notes. In some months, though, for some reason, this first page set-up occurs before the last day of the previous month.  A small point, but one I notice.

The daily pages are broken into hourly increments fo two lines per hour starting at 8 am and going until 10 am with room for notes at the bottom. 

Holidays are noted for every country, but the holiday itself is not named.  You have to look it up in the International Holiday section if you aren’t sure what it is.

For it’s size and thickness, the Executive isn’t as heavy as it looks, but it does have weight.  It would be okay for carrying to meetings, or having beside you at a desk, but I wouldn’t want to carry it in a purse or backpack.  I’m a wuss that way, though, and others might not balk at the weight.


Given my reference to onionskin above, I was wondering what it would be like to write in this planner.  So I grabbed a plethora of pens–rollerballs, gel pens, fountain pens, and permanent pigment ink pens.  Every single one wrote smoothly without feathering, smudging or skipping.  The lines were sharp and clear.  Even the finest points glided across the page without tearing, catching or picking up fibers.  It was a nice writing experience.

The only pen with much show-through was the Identi-pen permanent ink marking pen, which is more of a marker than a pen.  You can see the show-through towards the bottom of the page.  There were a few dots of bleed-through.

Next, I decided I’d really saturate the page using a fountain pen, so I did some Zentangle®-Inspired artwork with a little Celtic knot twist (some of you will recognize the bird–I used the same knot template I made for another piece).

I used my Noodler’s Flex pen with Diamine Chocolate Brown.  I was surprised.  The paper in the Daycraft Executive is thin, and I really applied the ink in some places.  There are a few dots of bleed-through, and a fair amount of show-through.  

The scan won’t even pick up most of the show-through.  It is enough, that some people would find it annoying to write over.  But off-hand, unless you are using very wet ink (marker pen or very wet fountain pen), or doodle a lot, I don’t believe you’ll have to worry about show-through.  

The Daycraft Executive 2013 is classy. It looks, feels, and sounds like a fine old book.  It is fairly light for it’s size, though I wouldn’t want to carry it in my purse.  It handles a wide range of inks, and the wealth of informational pages make it a handy reference.

Giveaway over
At first, I had planned to giveaway the Executive Diary that I received for this review.  But my hubby cast his eye upon it, and it was his, lol!  

So…here’s the deal.  Right now, Daycraft has a special going.  They will deboss your name on the front of any Executive Diary purchased before Sept. 30.  

After I receive the mailing information, I am going to buy a Pocket size Executive Diary (w9 x 165mm/ 3.33 x 6.5 in) and have it sent to the winner.  The winner will get to choose the color (from the list of available colors), and the name to be debossed (up to 15 characters).  

To enter my giveaway, please leave a comment telling me what you are grateful for.  Then click the +4 in the Rafflecopter box to get directions.  Once you let Rafflecopter know you’ve made a comment, you’ll be shown options for extra points.

a Rafflecopter giveaway//

The Executive Diary 2013 can be purchased at   Two things to Remember!  The Diary/Dayplanners at Daycraft come in more than one language.  Be certain that you choose the version you can read, lol.

Secondly, remember that the prices are in Hong Kong dollars.  You can find programs online that will convert prices to the denominations used in your country to get an approximate price.  If you use Paypal, it will automatically convert according to the current  going rate of exchange.  

Disclaimer: Tai Shing Diary Ltd sent me the Exectutive to review, but did NOT ask for me to have a giveaway.  Some of the options to gain extra points send you to the Daycraft site to look around.  I am the one asking for this because I think it benefits both my readers and  Tai Shing Diary Ltd.  All you have to do to enter the contest is comment on this post, and then click the +1 in the Rafflecopter box, and select the ‘Yes, I Did It’.  That option is mandatory to enter, and is weighted for the most points. But if you’re willing to do a little exploring, you’ll get extra points.

am grateful to Mr. Foreal Lee for giving me the opportunity to review this Executive Diary.


  1. I am grateful we didn't flood during Hurricane Isaac. Our pond overflowed to within 10 feet of our back porch and we were under a voluntary evacuation order for 1-1/2 days because of water build-up by the pumping station that keeps us dry.


  2. I am grateful my sons were not in town visiting a friend Saturday night. He was the victim of violence and died Saturday night. If they were here they may have been with him. I feel grief for Donovan. I have known him and liked him since he was 10 years old. He will never reach his 31st birthday. But I cannot help be grateful my children were not in town Saturday night.

  3. I so glad to hear that your home didn't flood. My heart goes out to all the victims of the storm, though I'm glad it wasn't as bad as feared. Knowing it wasn't as bad, probably isn't much solace to those who did encounter flooding, I'm afraid.

  4. Hi Sandra 🙂
    what a beautiful rule for entering your giveaway 🙂
    I'm grateful I'm alive. That's (just the beginning of) what I'm grateful 🙂
    bye, adele

  5. I am grateful I have a terrific job in finance that makes the use of a lovely planner such as this one necessary. It looks like a great way to get organized and keep track of everything.

  6. I'm thankful to, at least, have a celebration of my birthday days ago unlike the past nth year when I didn't celebrate it.

  7. I am greatful for being married to a wonderful man who also has interests of his own and is very proud and greatful for being with me who lets me do anything I want so he could maintain his freedom.

    I'm greatful for having a full time job and my health and the independence to choose to tangle, go for a walk or weave if I want and as long as I want.

    I'm greatful for my family and friends and all the guilds and other fun activities I'm able to enjoy and drive to.

    I'm greatful of my whole life and there's things I need to improve like my finances for example. I'm working on paying off my debts and my Husband and I are very supportive to each others. We support each others with one-another interest and the total love, trust and respect we have for each other….I couldn't have asked for any more than that.

  8. I am grateful for creative friends that help me get out of my own way. Embrace the little child within that plays with out care or a critical voice that says”you're not good enough”….I am grateful for my health, dogs and home. Also that craft stores are all within a few miles of where I live.

  9. I am grateful that I have provision though I cannot work…I am grateful I can still take care of my physical needs though days I cannot..I am grateful for creativity and the freedom to create what my heart wants to share with others…I am mostly grateful God first loved me and a personal God who really cares.

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