Two Teams are better than one!

The design teams for Viva Las Vegastamps! and Gauche Alchemy are teaming up this week! We’re using products to create things of beauty for your delectation!  

What’s that mean?  The design teams from both companies made up some really cool stuff for you to envy and enjoy!
If you’ve followed my blog at all, you’re familiar with Viva Las Vegastamps!  I’m on their design team.  I’ve drawn a couple of their advertisements for Rubber Stamp Madness magazine and they’ve immortalized some of my artwork by turning them into stamps!  Besides stamps made from my artwork, they have a huGE selection.  eNOURmous!  Trust me–actually don’t.  Go check it out.  They’ve got something for everyone.

Gauche Alchemy is an online business, and I think they’re own words sum it up very well–
“If your addiction is vintage ephemera, found objects, beautiful fabric, trendy paper or unique embellishments…we’re here to enable you…”  They have Punchinella!  I love Punchinella!
So, here’s what I made, using Punchinella, among other things.
Head over to the Viva Las Vegastamps! blog to see more details about this project and see the other fantastic projects our design teams have come up with!

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