New pattern Pywackit/Rhodia Journal swap

One of my favorite things in life is coming up with new pattern steps.  So it was only a matter of time before they starred in the pages of the Rhodia Journal Swap.

I have some patterns that I’ve never posted because I felt they needed too much attention to keeping things straight and in proportion.  These patterns are still Zentangle®-inspired, but I’m not sure they would be considered tangle patterns.  Some are easier to do if you pencil lines in as guides (even on grid paper).  I think they will stimulate rather than relax.  With some of them, you will get a visual effect.  For instance, if you stare at the pattern below, Pywakit, you may see a white glow around it, and the white areas may seem to pulse.
The Rhodia Journal Swap is being done in Webnotebooks.  Each page has very light gray dots.  They are dark enough to help guide the eye, but few people notice them once something is written in or drawn in.  Do you see where I’m going with this, lol?  The patterns I’ll be posting for this round of the swap can be done freehand, but will be easier if done with a dotgrid or graph paper.
In other words, patterns perfect for Webnotebook.
There are 12 of us in the Rhodia Journal Swap. See what the others are doing in their Webnotebooks.


  1. I'm gonna go grab my Moleskin and give this a whirl, girl. I like how you embellished this tangle.

  2. You're right, if there are pencil guidelines that must be erased it's no longer Zentangle. But… a cool pattern nonetheless! Looks crossword-puzzle-y. 🙂

    The central grid area doesn't need pencil, or erasing, and if one has a good eye it might be possible to get the rest of the squares in pretty much the right places. Hmm…

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