Tim Holtz Distress Marker Color Charts-Dry and Wet

The whole set of Tim Holtz markers are available at Viva Las Vegastamps!
Tim Holtz Distress Markers direct from pen-see list below for color names
Tim Holtz Distress Markers with water added-see list below for color names
1a. TDM32694 – Tattered Rose 
2a. TDM32670- Spun Sugar  
3a. TDM32779-Worn Lipstick  
a. TDM32441-Barn Door
5a. TDM32540-Fired Brick                                              
6a TDM32427-AgedMahogany
1b. TDM32519-Dried Marigold                                    
2b. TDM32663-Spiced Marmalade                            
3b. TDM32632-Rusty Hinge                                            
4b. TDM32649-Scattered Straw                                   
5b. TDM32588-Mustard Seed                                       
6b. TDM32762-WildHoney
1c. TDM32656-Shabby Shutters                                   
2c. TDM32502-Crushed Olive                                      
3c. TDM32601-Peeled Paint                                         
4c. TDM32557-Forest Moss                                           
5c. TDM32489-Bundled Sage                                       
6c. TDM32618-Pine Needles
1d. TDM32755-WeatheredWood                                
2d. TDM32687-Stormy Sky                                             
3d. TDM32533-Faded Jeans                                         
4d. TDM32496-Chipped Sapphire                              
5d. TDM32717-Tumbled Glass                                     
6d. TDM32465-Broken China
1e. TDM32571-Milled Lavender                                  
2e. TDM32724-Victorian Velvet                                  
3e. TDM32526-Dusty Concord                                     
4e. TDM32434-Antique Linen                                       
5e. TDM32595-Old Paper                                              
6e. TDM32564-Frayed Burlap
1f. TDM32700-Tea Dye    
2f. TDM32472-Brushed Corduroy                                 
3f. TDM32731-Vintage Photo                                       
4f. TDM32748-Walnut Stain                                            
5f. TDM32625-Pumice Stone                                        
6f. TDM32458-Black Soot
TDM33073-Picket Fence  (not shown–it’s white)


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