The Latest in My Mead DayPlanner

This is the latest work I’ve done in my Mead Dayplanner.  This is the one I carry around in my purse to pull out and tangle in whenever I’m waiting at the Doctors or in long lines.  

This is one of the gesso’d pages I did up in advance.  I added in a few fragments of magazine picture, and even a couple of Robin’s Nest dewdrops (those little red crystals).  The blue comes from a Pentel Energel-X.  It smears very easily on the gesso, so I smeared lots of it, and then went around with blue fingers, lol!  

Lots of pens were used since this was dones over several weeks time.  I pinkish color is a Sharpie Finepoint, and there was a Pilot B2P pen, and even a Preppy Fountain pen with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness black.


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