Having fun with Viva Las Vegas Stamps

I’ve done up an advertisement for Viva Las Vegas stamps, which if all works out will appear in the August Steampunk issue of Rubber Stamp Madness magazine.  I’ll be posting that work another time–it’s a 9×12 which took a little time and effort, even though I work fast.  I’m also trying out for the Design Team for VLVS.

Meanwhile, I did a couple of other smaller works using VLVS stamps–one for another possible ad, and one just because I like the stamp.

Done with Copics on Marker Paper, using Viva Las Vegas stamps Steampunk TopHat –  Item 16371  and Nesting Gears 2 – Item 18077.

I really do feel like I’m cheating with this photo stamp-Girl Feeding Cat.  It’s an ATC sized stamp, and all I did was add the framing around it.  But I did find it very soothing.  The trouble with doing this ad work is that don’t zen while doing the tangles–it is very much more like work.  And I’ve so much to do over the next few weeks, I don’t want to take too much time for tangling.  I felt like I could relax with this girl, but at the same time, I may be able to use this in something for the Design Team at a later date.

Girl Feeding Cat Item 16149 Plate 1285

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