Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the Fifth, My book

We took Liam and Cedric with us almost everywhere.

Their favorite vacation spot was the Oregon Coast.  They made quite a tourist attraction themselves.  We were always being asked to pose or to let others pose with them.  The boys grace picture albums from visitors who came from Japan, Austria, Germany, Ecuador and the Netherlands.  The love of big dogs is universal.

There are some problems associated with traveling with Mastiffs.  We had to buy a truck and create a ramp system.

But above all, don’t let your mastiff share the bed.  They’ll pretend they are going to share but as the night goes on, they skootch and stretch and push until they have 99.99% of the square footage and you are holding on by the fingernails.

They aren’t usually swimmers but love dodging the waves.  They’ll happily attack driftwood and seawood, and love walking on the beach.

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