Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the Fourth, My book

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Translation of Page, the Fourth-
Feeding the Mastiff
Left Side: Liam & Cedric did love their food.  The few times we had to leave them, they fasted a day or two in sorrow – no greater love!
It is possible that piranha were used in the breeding of the mastiff.  It is easily seen in the feeding frenzy of mealtime.
There are a few precautions that must be taken when feeding the mastiff, even those of a very young age.  Even around food, the mastiff is unlikely to be agressive, but they are so eager and obsessive that accidents are always a possibility.
Right side:
What kind of accidents? Well, for instance, teach your mastiff a command such as ‘release’.  This can be used when he accidentally swallows your arm clear to the elbow.
Don’t stand between a mastiff and his food.  He’ll kiss your ‘owies’ after he’s knocked you down and trampled you – but the kisses won’t be given until all the food is gone.
Remove all wrapping.  Evidentally, to a mastiff, plastic, paper & cardboard as as tasty as kibble.
It isn’t necessary to call a mastiff if you have food.  He will home in on you like a heat-seeking missile.


  1. Well, Poms are small in size but big in heart, so they have that in common!

    I'll be doing another 3 pages before sending this journal on to the next person. I'll probably change subjects after that. This is the journal that will come back to me–I don't know if I'd want to journal about the boys and not get to keep it!

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