Rhodia Journal Swap-Page the First, My book

I did up the first page in my Rhodia WebNotebook for the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap.  You can see what others are doing at the Rhodia Journal Swap Tumblr site.

Done with Copic Markers and Multliner SPs.

The sentiment ‘Abandon Hope’ doesn’t apply to the journal.  The drawing came from a picture of my late mastiff, Liam, and whenever I look at that photo of him with his mouth gaping and his gullet showing, that thought passes through my mind, because so many objects disappeared through that mouth, lol!


  1. Had a Great Dane that also swallowed lots of unusual things. Ate a whole package of 100 pieces of bubble gum I had for Halloween. I swore I wasn't going outside for the next few days because I didn't want to see bubbles coming from his butt. He also ate the center out of a custard pie I had just taken out of the oven and snatched a steak off the BBQ. Swallowed a whole spare rib – bone included. Never seemed to suffer any side effects from all that. I sure miss my Mondo.

  2. Thank you all. Our pets do work their way into our hearts and leave such a hole when they leave us.

    You were lucky with Mondo. Liam managed most things but he had to go in for surgery a couple of times.

  3. We never managed to find indestructable toys–I think that will actually be the subject of my next page. In the end, we let them tear up cardboard boxes that needed to be recycled (under supervision, so they didn't eat the cardboard, lol) and bought giant carrots.

    My sister-in-law had a Rottweiler. She bought him a bowling ball, and he carried it around everywhere he went!

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