My tangle pattern Tri-It

Okay, the title of this post says ‘tangle pattern’, but I’m not sure this is, exactly.  It’s more of a technique.  I got the idea while playing with Koolapopper.

You start with two touching triangles pointed outward.  Then you add two more triangles that are slightly offset, and you keep doing this.  Then you bisect each triangle and make 1/2 darker than the other half. If you add each new triangle toward the inside of previous triangle, you come back full circle.  If you add them toward the outside, you meander all over the page.  If you make the triangles big enough, you can use them as sections (strings) to put other patterns in.  You can make the half darker by simply shading one side, or you can add other tangle patterns.

I should shut-up and just let you look.  It’s easier to see in the example than to understand with reading.

So, in essence, this ‘pattern’ is just drawing touching triangles.  What you get from it is all about how you place and point the triangles.  And honestly?  You could do this with any geometric figure–circles, squares, ellipses.

Awesome, huh!

So–Try-it!This was drawn in a Rhodia ‘R’ Pad with Micron Pigma Pens.


  1. I love vi harts and doodling in math class. My iPad is having fits right now so this may not come out right….I love this blog too I never miss life imitates doodles when it comes in my mail. lOVE it!!!

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