New tangle pattern Tricorn & redo of K-ning

My giveaway of Geneviève Crabe’s Tangle Organizer and Journal 2012 ended last night, but you’ll still be seeing the pages as I come up with new tangles!

You will find similar patterns to Tricorn.  Mostly, I came up with this to show two things–

One: if you find it difficult to judge where your next lines should go, you can always use dots first so that your eye will have a guide.

Two: Repetition of a shape is always a good method for coming up with a pattern.  Mirror the shape.  Turn it on it’s side.  Nest the repetition within the shape itself.  I used a triangle, but this would work for other shapes as well.

I came up with K-Ning quite some time ago, but I’ve had people asking about it lately, so I decided to post it a refresher.

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