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You see reviews for these really cool journals and notebooks out there, but you can’t find them in the stores,   Often, even you find one of them, they are shrink-wrapped and you can’t examine the paper. Are those glowing reviews correct?  After all, tastes differ!  If only you had a way to check them out before you buy.

Well, the Bureau Direct Stationary Online store will send you Notebook paper samples from the products they have available.  It isn’t quite as good as holding one of the journals in your hand, but it’s the next best thing.

I requested a sampler and received 12 sheets of quality paper.  All different sizes and colors and formats.  I love them!  I’m going to figure out someway to make a funky journal out of them.  But meanwhile, I wanted to show what I got.  There are so many sheets though, and I didn’t want this review to get humongous.

Now I discovered about these samples from a Review at the Pens and Paper website.  That review does a bang up job showing how pen and ink does on these sample, so I’ll let you hop over to their site for the writing tests.

I pulled out my Letraset Promarkers and doodled a bit on each paper, so you can see how each handles color, and I’m going to try for a one-line decription of my impression of each.  After all, if you’re interested in buying a journal, you’ll probably be ordering a sampler of your own.

Bureau Direct is U.K. based, but sent a sampler to me here in Oregon.  I really think this is above and beyond, and I bought two journals from them.  I ordered yesterday, and my order was shipped today.

I’ll be honest–shipping costs were steep, as all international shipping is.  Prices, and Shipping and Handling are competitive with other stores.  You could probably find cheaper from one of the really big guys, but to me, the extra service is worth a little extra money.  Is it actually cheaper to buy a journal blind, and find out the paper isn’t what you were hoping for?

Okay, on with samples….

If you sliced some good cardstock into wafers, you’d get the Rhodia ePure paper.

The Clairefontane Lined is both sturdy and silky.

The Rhodia Exabook has lovely lilac lines–maybe a bit dark for some, but sure to keep your writing orderly.

The Whitelines Grid is so cool-light gray squares divided by Whitelines.  I ordered one of these!

The Rhodia Webnotebook has those signature silken sheets that I love so well.

The Rhodia Webnotebook dotgrid has the same paper as the lined version, only with tiny lilac dots.  Where the dotPad (which I reviewed earlier this week) has white paper, the webnotebook has ivory paper and comes in a notebook rather than a pad.

I believe the Quo Vadis Habana uses the same paper as the Rhodia webnotebook, but the lines are a series of dots rather than solid.

Monsieur Plain is light, sturdy and a pleasure to draw on!

Moleskine Lined, light and lovely.  I personally don’t think it compares to the Rhodia, Quo Vadis, and Clairefontane.

The Jottr Lined is thickest paper of the group.  It didn’t feel as though it had tooth to my fingers, but I could see it when I colored.

The lines on the  Leuchtturm lined are just slightly darker than the pale ivory paper.  Fantastic for those who want a guideline that disappears once you write.

The Clairfontaine Seyes is used in exercise books-great for ledgers or math!

I have no affiliation with Bureau Direct other than as a customer, and one who will be a repeat customer.

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