Bleedthrumanade with Tri-Shapes and New Tangle Pattern Floparoons

I’m making this Bleedthrumanade work overtime, lol!  It is my entry for Laura Harms’ challenge #48.  Guest challenger, CZT Sue Clark, challenged us to use ‘tri-shapes’ and ‘tri’ new tangles.

Both sides of my Bleedthrumanade are based off of  Circle, Square, and Triangle shapes. I didn’t use new tangles exclusively, but on the front page (to the left) I used Arabel by Helena, Compressed by Carolyn Boettner, Jalousie by Phine, and Birds of a Feather by Ledenzer.

On the back, I used my own new pattern Floparoons.  Not exactly the first time I’ve used it but the first time after formalizing it into a pattern.

Why did I call this pattern Floparoons, lol?  Well, because you can’t ‘roon’ it.  The more you flop it around, the cooler it looks!

Lots of ways to vary Floparoons.  It’s going to be different every time you use it just by the nature of the looping.  You can change the fill between the loops.  Shade the top instead of the bottom.  Only shade the neck.  Leave part of it unshaded…the list goes on.

Layout done with MyMemories Suite V2.  Background paper-Corrugated Green Wash.

Drawn in a Moleskine Sketchbooks. Colored with Letraset Promarkers. Tangled with Micron Pigma, Sharpie FinePoint Pen, and Pentel White Sunburst Gel Pen.

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