MyMemories V2 Digital Scrapbooking Software & New Tangle Pattern Walessel

Recently, Liz from MyMemories contacted me, rand asked if I would like a free copy of their Digital Scrapbooking Software to review, as well as a copy to give away.  (If you want to skip this review and head straight to the giveaway, go here).
Hmmmm. I had to think about that for all of 2 seconds.  Yes!

Even sweeter, I’ve been given a code, STMMMS48333,  that you can use for $10 off, if you decide to purchase the software.  I also get a commission if you use the code.

I’m going to give you lots of different ways to enter the giveaway, so I’m hosting that in a different post.  You can find it here.

I wasted no time downloading my copy of the software.  I’ve never used a scrapbooking software before, but I have played with various art and photo programs.  As soon as I opened the program, I started using it with no problem, and had an album page done in about 30 minutes.  I had to edit some of my photos (in a different program) to fit the layout I chose, and I downloaded a couple of free kits, or it would have been faster.

I’m making it all sound so easy, but it was.  I did have a little trouble understanding how to access the kits that I downloaded.  You need to take note of the Product Category and look for it under that category within the Suite.  Once I understood that, I had no problem.
If you haven’t used photo or art editing software before, however, this program may seem baffling.  Fortunately, MyMemories has lots of tutorials, which are available in both PDF format and as videos.  There are even more tutorials available at sites external to MyMemories, and videos hosted at YouTube.  
You might also wonder exactly the MyMemories V2 Digital Scrapbooking Software is and does.  
It is a scrapbooking software that allows you to choose from over 1500 backgrounds, 1300 embellishments and 20 layouts. For example, you create an album.  You can choose a Designer Album, that has almost everything in place, and merely add your own photos to each album page.  Or you can choose to design your own album, and choose to mix and match the elements–the background papers, embellishments, shapes.  In essence, many of the things you’d do with real paper and bits and pieces.  
What you can do, that you couldn’t with the real stuff, is resize and in some cases, reshape the elements.  Nothing is ever completely glued down, but nothing will come unglued, either!
You can move and resize many of these elements, in essence creating your own layouts, or use your own photos for backgrounds.  You can create scrapbook pages that fit into 3-ring binders.  You can create cards, photobooks and zentangle pattern pages. 
The software isn’t all of it, either.  The MyMemories  site has papers, kits, and embellishments that you can download into your program.  Some are for purchase (ranging around $1-$6 apiece), but many are free.  And, of note, you can download them as .JPG or .PNG files, so they can be used with other software. You can sign up for the Design club, a subscription program that is only $5.99 per month for 5 kits and other goodies
MyMemories also has a gallery where you can download your albums, and a blog with weekly challenges and giveaways. 
And since the MyMemories V2 Digital Scrapbooking Software has features designed to help you create your digital albums quickly, the largest amount of time will be spent in deciding what you are going to do, and scrolling through all the choices deciding which papers and embellishments to use.
That is probably the biggest danger with this software—you could be hypnotized and spend all your hours, oohing and aahing at the selections!

Okay.  Enough review and now on to the giveaway!  You can find it here.

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