Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Splash & Saran Wrap

The triad I played with this weekend is one I came up with on my own.  I like it, but…it includes Rose of Ultramarine.  A beautiful color, but only Lightfast II.  Some still consider that lightfast enough, but you use it at your own risk, lol!  Rose of Ultramarine is a two tone color that lays down as rosy violet.  However, it granulates, and the particles that settle are Ultramarine Blue–so you get a lovely violet with blue specks.  You control the effect to some extent by the amount of water you use.  Laid down as pure pigment, you get a darkish purple.

Instead of doing the last step of painting circle over circles, I decided to try the Splash technique show in
Watercolor Without Boundaries with Karlyn Holman, Part 1.  I got some interesting effects, but found it harder to control than shown in the video.  As always, practice, practice, practice is the key!

And, after I did it, I coulda kicked myself.  I wanted to show you the Rose of Ultramarine effect, and the splashes kind of hid it!

Colors: Rose of Ultramarine, Sap Green, New Gamboge

From Watercolor without Boundaries Part III, I tried this Saran Wrap technique.  It’s a little different from the technique I’ve seen in other places (but I’ll let you watch the video to see how, rather than trying to explain).
This is the result.  I added a 4th color, because I wanted to see which lines went with which technique.  I’m not sure what I want to do with it–leave it or try to make something from it.  I may use pen and ink and turn it into a zentangle.
Colors: Ultramarine Blue, Azo Yellow, Pyrrol Red and Rose of Ultramarine.

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