More Mead Day Runner Zentangles

I took a trip downtown today to pick up art supplies for the watercolor class that I am starting tomorrow.

Ah!  I’d forgotten the joys of drawing on a crowded lightrail car and trying to anticipate the sway and bumps and sudden stops and starts.

I had my new Mead Day Runner (reviewed earlier today) and managed to get two zentangles done.

This one is done with a Pilot B2P recycled bottle pen.  The background was done with Letraset Promarker over gesso.
The B2P handled quite well on the gesso, drying fairly quickly.  It did skip a bit, and I could only get one thickness of line.  That’s pretty par for course with a ball point, though.

The drawing I did on the way home was done with a Pentel Energel Ink Pen over Daniel Smith Interference colors.  The ink took quite some time to dry, so I decided to smudge.  The scan doesn’t do it justice, because that ink just glommed onto the interference colors and this page shines!

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