Review of Zen Mandalas by Suzanne McNeil

Zen Mandalas by Suzanne McNeil

Size: 8.5″ x 8.5″ (21.6 x 21.6 cm )
Pages: 52 (including covers)
Portability: Easily carried, but too big for most purses and a little thick for folders.

I’ll make a confession.  I’m not a mandala person.  Oh, I don’t dislike them.  They’re pretty, but I have no desire to create them myself.  So when I saw this title I hesitated, wondering whether I would be interested in the book.

Well, I found the 60 new tangles included in this book worth the price, alone.  I still don’t want to draw mandalas, but I couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the mandalas done by Suzanne and CZTs Margaret Bremner and Carole Ohl.  

The book covers several ways of creating zen mandalas, the symbolism of mandalas and various kinds of mandalas, which I did find interesting.  If you ARE a mandala person, this might well be your favorite of Suzanne’s zentangle books.  

The Tangles 
Seedling,Swag,Neckties, Woods, Itsy Bitsy, Jelly Fish, Holes, Juggle, Circles, Jelly Donuts, Effervescence, Anchor Chain, Orange Peel, Tufted Leaves, Board Game, Footprints, Floor Tiles, Cheese Cloth, Wavelength, Braid, Cells, Papyrus, Water Slide, Braid II, Combs, Spacer Beads, Partly Cloudy, Cable TV, Wrought Iron, Burdock, Pitcher Plant, Fandango, Milkweed, Octopus, Heartbeat, Dogbane, Peacock Leaf, Pokeweed,Lollipops, Aloe Vera, Pineapple, Eyebrows, Wiggles, Trestle, Colosseum, Spear Point, Caps, Dandelion Seeds, Love Letters, Beaded Spiral, Marbles, Striped Snail, Esker, Procession, Smoke Signals, Pinking, Hill & Dale, Alpine, Mountains, Rotate

What’s Inside
Sacred Circles Inspired by Zentangle; The ‘Zen’ in Zentangle; Getting started; Snowflake Mandalas; Color Mandalas; Templates and Geometric; Symbolism and Color Wheel; Adding Colors; Tangle Patterns; Yin-Yang; Planet Earth; Sun and Compass; Heavenly Bodies; Love & the Heart; Water & Earth; Hands All Around; Spiral; Lotus and Symmetry; Dream Catchers; Borders & Hex Symbols; Index of Tangle Patterns.

This example was done in my Daycraft Cookie Bookie Notebook using the tangles Aloe Vera, Seedlings, Neckties, Itsy Bitsy, Jelly Fish, Holes, Tufted Leaves, Footprints, Jelly Donuts, Effervscence, Water Slide, Braid, Combs, Spacer Beads, Cable TV, Wrought Iron, Fandango, Caps, Eyebrows, Wiggles, Pineapple, Coliseum, and Lollipops.

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